AGR Marketing Solutions is now integrated with the Snowflake Data Platform.

The Snowflake Platform gives AGR the ability to make custom databases available to query without having the need to interact with us until you are ready to buy and/or have a more in depth conversation about what you may really need in a customized data solution.

We call the databases you will find here “Data Nuggets.”  They are great starting points for many of the typical data solutions we have provided for our clients over the years.  These may be exactly what you need for your solution “as is.”

AGR just started this initiative, so we only have one database on the Snowflake Data Platform right now.  By the end of 2024, our goal is to have 20 different databases and services available to review on the Snowflake platform.

We can also append other bits of information to any of these databases as needed to customize it to your exact needs.

We can also create a custom solution for you from scratch.  Whatever you may need in a data solution, we are at your service.

All available datasets and services available on Snowflake are listed here.  When clicking on any of the links below, it will take you to the data dictionary and counts reporting on some of the more relevant fields found in the data.

Data Nuggets and Custom Services:

(Clickable links below will take you to more information about that data nugget or service where available.)

US Consumers on the Move

AGR Append Solutions – Forward and Reverse Appends are custom services performed on your data.  Please call us at 941-916-9841 for details and pricing.