About AGR

Our Committment

“We know that marketing is multi-faceted and we strive to deliver high value with low maintenance .

To that end, we adapt to your needs and our team works as an extension of your business.

We are on-call to proactively deliver as promised and to rapidly address opportunities.”

Stephen Harwick — Founder & CEO

AGR Monthly Full File Re-Build
Over 240+ Million Consumer Profiles


analyzes and scores a consumer’s presence, frequency, and recency across compliant on-line and off-line data sources and channels. AGR also offers Custom “LINKAGE” solutions incorporating client data and files and your own “Custom AGR Marketing Mart”

Multi-Source Data Refreshes

over 120 billion compliant online & off-line data points from dynamically changing sources including:

  • Email Addresses
  • Cell Phone & Carrier
  • Date of Birth
  • Auto/VIN
  • Online Surveys & Loan Applications
  • Property/Mortgage
  • Voters
  • Other: Biker, Smokers, Veterans, Plus
  • Demographic, Psycho-graphic, Census & Econometric

Source Data Hygiene & Data Quality Checks

All Data goes through multi-level stringent compliance and quality checks at the file, record and attribute levels.

Data Maintenance Steps

1. Add new records and attributes
2. Update, enhance & verify
3. Purge aged/unverified data
4. Move age/unverified to Suppression Files

AGR Solutions

Are custom designed and delivered via a variety of platforms including:

  1. Bulk File
  2. Iterative Match/Append
  3. API’s and
  4. Marketing Lists

Data-DETECTIVE™ helps clients recover lost audience, “Tune-up” their own marketing databases and files, and append our data for increased consumer insights.

Introducing INTELLI-LINK®

We created INTELLI-LINK® to combat the Consumer Identity Crisis that faces today’s marketers. This crisis continues to evolve as identity attributes change more frequently, the Internet introduces new and diverse identity components, and consumers interact on-line with various degrees of anonymity on multiple devices – aka the Internet of Things (IoT).  INTELLI-LINK® addresses these challenges with innovative interrogation and linking technology.

INTELLI-LINK® analyzes a consumer’s presence, frequency and recency across compliant data sources and channels. Understanding these intersections provides more reliable and deeper consumer insight for marketing plans – and – multi-source contact details enable consistent omni-channel cross media marketing.

Early results have exceeded expectations from individualized messaging for social media marketers to enhanced geo-fencing, reachability & media mix for Big Box Retail.

Diverse Data Integration

AGR filters and cleanses over 120 Billion Data Points using proprietary data quality and hygiene services.  Our data is fully compliant and:

  • Comes from a Variety of Sources: On-line, Off-Line, Digital and Transaction
  • Represents a Wide Range of Interests: Consumer Finance, Health Care & Insurance, Auto VIN & Insurance, Charitable, Political, Education, Retail, Plus…
  • Contains Deep Consumer Insight: Demographic, Psychographic, Geo-Fencing, Omni-Channel Contacts, Internet Behavior, Loan/Insurance Applications, Auto VIN, Driver’s License, Device ID’s, Scores & Ranks and much more.

Innovative Technology

We complete a full rebuild of over 150 million fully compliant US consumer profiles each month by filtering the freshest data through stringent quality checks & innovative linking methodology.

Over 1/3 of the AGR Consumer Profiles are multi-source verified and “Hard to Find” in traditional credit or consumer sources.

We then apply advanced analytics to create measures, scores and ranks that enable better segmentation and audience targeting.

Custom Designs

AGR understands that no matter how much we do, each marketer’s needs are different. Hence, we have a consultative and analytic approach to understanding a client’s specific needs and to build solutions that deliver the greatest client-focused value.

We also work closely with clients to identify data points that match their objectives, to verify that match, and to offer custom analytics that continuously optimize value.