AGR Marketing Solutions & Databases

AGR INTELLI-LINK® – Identity Resolution & Onboarding Solution

Unifies Disconnected Consumer Identities & Enhances our “On-Target” Marketing Profiles Manages information across 19 different data files to enable precise targeting and omni-channel messaging and reach-ability.

AGR Date of Birth Marketing Database

Delivers 100% complete date of birth to all segments of ages: Silent * Boomers * Gen X * Millennials * Gen Z.

AGR 2024 Compliant & Verified Email Database

Offers unmatched email verification and compliance quality to optimize reach-ability and to build out aligned Omni-Channel Marketing Strategies.

AGR Auto VIN Marketing Database

Exposes vehicle ownership, vehicles details and service activity for automobile marketing including new & used vehicle sales, vehicle insurance, parts and service, warranty and identify garages with Green/Electric vehicles.

AGR Long-Form Applications Marketing Database

To market needs based products and services based on multi-sourced self reported long form application data including drivers license.

AGR Cell Phone & Carrier Marketing Database

Identifies cell phone carrier, devices and preferences. Unique by cell phone number and linked to postal address.

AGR Demographic & Psychographic Data

All AGR marketing solutions are cross referenced and paired with our national demographic and psycho-graphic databases.

AGR Veterans Marketing Database

Offers insight and Omni-channel contact details for unique veterans and includes traditional demographic profiles and attributes.

AGR Voters Marketing Database

AGR’s National voter records database is updated monthly with multiple voter segments. These include voter party, districts, congressional representatives and Designated Market Area for location based targeting.

AGR Actionable Trigger Data

  • Cell and Landline Disconnects
  • New Movers – consumers (individuals or households) moving on a monthly basis
  • New Homeowners – new home purchase (first time owner or moving to a new house)
  • Personal Bankruptcy Filings – a quarterly file of individuals or families filing for bankruptcy
  • Property Foreclosure – owners of properties that have been foreclosed monthly
  • New Cell phone connects – consumer new cell phone connects monthly
  • New Landline connects – consumers with a new landline monthly
  • Geo Fencing

Property Ownership & Trends

  • Types & Value of Properties Owned
  • Top Purchases: Single Family, Townhomes, Condos, and other multi-dwelling units.
  • Mobile homes sales up 20% from prior quarter in 2024
  • Residential Vacant Land sales increased 28%
  • Commercial leaders include vacant land, standalone businesses and warehouses
  • Refinanced their primary residence in the last 3 months – 1.1 million
  • Veterans with a Date of Birth – 23.2 million
  • Veterans that are now homeowners
  • Mortgage Types – 50% Conventional

AGR Digital Behavior Marketing Database

To understand consumer’s digital behavior, device details & preferences, application downloads, social media handles and behavior and to reach them where they will respond.

  • 26 Taxonomy Segment

  • Over 2,500 Sub-segment levels

  • Frequency of site visits

  • Compare activities of an individual to other visitors – create statistical clusters

  • Over-time, we can compare activity within a segment and know that the person is spending less, more, or equal attention to the website

Property Ownership Types & Values

  • Consumers who Recently Purchased or Financed a Property
  • Consumers who own 2 or more residential properties
  • Consumers who own moderate to large amounts of residential and
  • Commercial properties
  • Property Ownership Length, Locations & Addresses


  • Mortgage Age, Lenders, Types & Amounts
  • Refinanced their primary residence in the last 3 months – 1.1 million
  • Veterans with a Date of Birth – 23.2 million
  • Veterans that are now homeowners
  • Mortgage Types – 50% Conventional